We saw this crossing the Holiday Goddess Twitter feed more than once recently:

When the news came in April 2018 that zoo authorities in China said a kangaroo had been killed and another injured at Fuzhou Zoo in the south-eastern Fujian province – after visitors threw rocks into her enclosure – it wasn’t the first time. Chinese zoos have a history of cruelty to animals, including lions being hit by snowballs hurled by visitors last winter, trapped in their enclosures while the balls hit them in the face. Nobody stopped it. 

Local media said the 12-year-old female kangaroo was “pelted” with rocks by visitors, with a sharp stone injuring its left foot and causing bleeding. The zoo visitors were trying to make her dance.

Here is something you can do. Take the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) pledge online now – to never visit a zoo. Particularly not Fuzhou Zoo. 

The pledge for travellers goes like this: “I believe that animals should not be denied everything that is natural and important to them and have every aspect of their lives controlled and managed for the sake of human “entertainment.” Animals at zoos are housed in cages that don’t come close to the jungles, deserts, and forests that are their natural homes. They have no choice in their diets, mates, or living companions. What is a few fleeting moments of distraction for visitors means a lifetime of misery for animals. By signing my name, I pledge to boycott all zoos.”

PETA reports: Animals at zoos are housed in cramped, barren cages that can’t compare to their natural habitats. Many of the species roam territories of hundreds of kilometers in the wild, but zoos barely provide even a fraction of that space. The animals frequently exhibit neurotic behavior from imprisonment, such as constant pacing, swaying their heads, and walking in small circles. Animals should be free in the wild and not confined for entertainment!

Sure, some zoos are well-run places where endangered species can be protected and bred in captivity to help future research into their conversation. But – far too many have a shocking track record. 

Don’t get angry or sad about the kangaroo they killed at Fuzhou Zoo, take the pledge. Be zoo-free when you travel.

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