Holiday Goddess Editor Alana Hunt is currently working on a project called Cups of nun chai – a memorial that emerged in Kashmir’s summer of 2010 when 118 civilians died in pro-freedom protests. She is currently seeking help for her project through crowfunding. Please read on if you can assist and click here.

Over the course of two years Alana shared 118 cups of nun chai (a Kashmiri salt tea) with 118 people across Australia, in Brussels and Bangkok, across different parts of India and finally in Kashmir. Alana took a photo of each person holding their cup of tea and wrote from memory about each conversation, which connected Kashmir’s story and the summer of 2010 to countless other places and peoples around the world.

The work can be seen in its entirety online at where it has unfolded progressively since 2010.

In 2012, Cups of nun chai was displayed at Mori Gallery in Sydney. In 2013, it was “highly commended” in the Blake Prize at the UNSW Galleries in Sydney. Alana’s work has received wide coverage (below).

Hunt first travelled to Kashmir in 2009 as an intern with an NGO along with some Indian students. She carried a photocopied poetry collection of Kashmiri-American poet Agha Shahid Ali, which she read throughout the journey. She stayed in rural parts of Kashmir, with families in Sopore, Kupwara and in a village near Uri. “I met a lot of different people with different ideas, different experiences and different hopes,” she says about her initial experiences of living in rural Kashmir. “I listened to everything I could and I asked loads of questions.”


Alana Hunt is an artist, writer and culture producer living on Miriwoong country in the remote north-west of Australia. She has been involved with Holiday Goddess since the start, writing about everything from Yoko Ono to the Taj Mahal and her writing can be found in The Holiday Goddess Guide to Paris, London, New York and Rome





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