There are three chunks of Covent Garden to explore. Allow a day to do the whole area justice!

1. If you want your horoscope done, or you’re a fan of Cath Kidston – or you just want to explore the amazing Hunter wellies collection at Office – come out of Covent Garden train station and find Marks & Spencer. Cross the road, perhaps going in, to buy yourself a pair of knickers (as recommended by Jenny Valentish in The Holiday Goddess Handbag Guide). After that, just keep walking. You’re heading for Neal Street, and in the right direction for The Astrology Shop, Office shoes, Cath Kidston and many more offbeat British delights.

2. Prefer Paul Smith or Agnes B? Looking for the luxurious spa The Sanctuary, recommended by Holiday Goddess Editor Sue Ostler? When you come out of Covent Garden train station, head in the opposite direction to Marks & Spencer, and follow the crowds. Ahead of the old-looking building in front of you (the original Covent Garden market) you’ll find a network of streets on your right. Wander and ye shall find. This is life without a map, remember!

3. Need to dine, or watch buskers, or just rub the walls of a bit of London history? Then you’ll keep going in the direction of the old-looking buildings and lose yourself in there. The ice-cream is excellent.

And that’s how you lose yourself in Covent Garden, without getting lost. There are dozens of places to shop, in between the landmarks above, but we think this way you’ll never need a map. Or an app…

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