Faith Bleasdale finds a luxe lunch in legendary Bath for under £20.

My husband and I recently enjoyed an adults only lunch at the Bath Priory restaurant. There was not a sticker or a ride to be seen. The Bath Priory hotel is gorgeous. I stayed there once about ten years ago and it was superb, unfortunately this time we were just popping in for lunch, which is actually still a gorgeous treat.

Bath, England (2) Wikimedia Commons

With a Michelin star, the restaurant is beautiful and overlooks the hotel’s award winning gardens. Sam Moody is the head chef and they pride themselves on using home grown ingredients in their food (from the lovely gardens), and everything is done to taste and look good.

This is my idea of lunch. Knowing that the restaurant is incredibly smart we both dressed up, (they would frown upon denim that’s for sure), and I felt incredibly grown up as we parked the car and entered. The service reflects the standards of food and surroundings and you are incredibly well-looked after by staff who seem to know what you want before you get a chance to articulate it.

We started with a glass of Champagne as it really is a place that seems to necessitate it; there are some restaurants you go to where it seems criminal not to have Champagne and this is definitely one, which we justified as we were going to only have one glass of wine with lunch as we had to drive home.

As predicted the food was delicious, attention to detail impressive and the service wonderful. After our Amuse Bouche, I had trout, followed by gnocchi and then my favourite, a wonderful cheese selection with biscuits and home made breads. My husband had beef, followed by Hake and a dark chocolate mousse. It was a lunch that lived up the hype for me.

After lunch we wandered around the gorgeous gardens, pretended to debate whether to check into the hotel and then visit the spa, before we actually got into the car and made our way back to Devon to pick my son up from pre-school!

Bath, England (Wikimedia Commons)

The reason I am writing about this is that Bath is a hugely popular destination, and therefore if you go then this is a real treat. Although I thought that price would be prohibitive they do mid-week lunch deals that start from £19.95 per person for two courses which means that it’s not ridiculous and it’s definitely worth it. You can also spend far, far more of course but the point is that you don’t have to.

To look at menus, and salivate visit the website,

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