Alex Billington loves Sunday brunch at Cafe Charlot…and Happy Hour.

Cafe Charlot has to one of my favourite haunts for just hanging out and people watching, reading over endless cups of coffee or meeting friends, evenings that leisurely stretch from aperitif time to midnight. The atmosphere here is cosy but convivial; I often turn up here with my laptop (there’s also free wifi) to work for hours too and never feel rushed or pressured to leave though the place is so popular you sometimes have to wait for a much coveted table. And to make it even more popular there’s Happy Hour every night from 7-9pm. Decor is retro 20s Paris  bistro and the menu is traditional brasserie fare: salads, burgers, cheese plates etc…. Sunday brunch is a big affair here too… set menu is around 17 euros…..and we indulged in everything from scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and fresh coffee to champagne since this is gastronomic Paris!

38, rue de Bretagne 75003 Paris
01 44 54 03 30

8 Metro Filles du Calvaire

Every day from 7am to 2am.

Photos: cc. Zimbeck