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Travelling to Great Britain from across the world? The best breakfast across the country, hands-down, is at a chain pub called Wetherspoon’s. The filter coffee for 99 pence is bottomless (take your own refill). The breakfasts are affordable and, would you believe it, gluten-free and calorie-counted, if you wish. A plate of bacon, fried eggs, baked beans, mushroom and tomato comes in at £3.95. Breakfast is served from opening time until noon. Check your local Wetherspoon pub to see your local hours. If you’re going to make a day of it in London using The Holiday Goddess Handbag Guide to Paris, London, New York and Rome then you may even want to ‘Wetherspoon’ your itinerary so that you start the day right with American-style filter coffee and anything from fruit, to pancakes, to the national dish. If the hotel breakfast isn’t your thing, and you don’t want to eat in your Air BnB, think about a W-breakfast.


How Wetherspoon Pubs Save Historic Buildings

Breakfast inside a Wetherspoon pub also helps the firm continue to save buildings (even endangered, historic swimming pools) across Great Britain that would otherwise be demolished. Each one is quirky and although it’s definitely a blokey pub – no getting away from that – there is individual character inside each venue. Even The Guardian with its fondness for kale, recently ran a story titled How Britain Fell for Wetherspoons.

Ramsgate on the Kent coast, now has a Wetherspoon pub inside the Royal Victoria Pavilion. It is a Grade II listed building and has been beautifully restored.  In Liverpool a cinema has been turned into a breakfast-friendly pub as well. At Brighton Marina, below, you can sit outside in the sunshine, even in October, and listen to the tinkling of the yachts, surrounded by palm trees.  British Riviera atmosphere? Absolutely, especially at 9.30am on a Tuesday morning with absolutely nobody else around.

If you are used to the loud music, lazy staff and bloat-inducing bread/pastry menus of so many British breakfast places (or the outrageous rip-offs inside all those groovy juice bars) you’ll seriously love this option in Brighton, below.

Wetherspoon at The West Quay, Brighton Marina is the only place to have bacon, eggs and coffee in town –  and it’s worth the trip on the Number 7 bus from Brighton Station if you’re coming into Brighton early from Victoria Station in London. (Alight at McDonalds – you’ll see the enormous, sprawling, Brighton Marina West Quay Wetherspoon is right opposite).

Wetherspoon Brighton Marina West Quay by


It’s Not For Hipsters, but Hipsters Love Wetherspoon 

You are not going to find minimalist interiors, artisan bread or hipster baristas in your local Wetherspoon. So why do hipsters, like this particular Vice writer, love it so much? Answer –  “As a freelance writer, it’s also the holy grail of working spaces – the only place with wi-fi that’ll let you hang around all day, nursing cold coffee dregs. And very best of all, there’s no music, only a sweet silence peppered with the light chatter of bar staff and the hacking cough of a tobacco-stained regular.”

Silence is famously golden in Wetherspoon pubs. This is crucial at breakfast, but it’s nice at lunch too. Even Buzzfeed also raves about the place.  


No Muzak, No Doof Doof, No Millennial Shriek

Wetherspoon Liverpool. 


From The Daily Telegraph: “An absence of unwanted, faintly irritating piped music means conversation is king. The buzz is a natural one, all laughter and chinking glasses, rather than the tinny beat of lift muzak. You can also sit and read your novel or newspaper in peace.” It can be a shock to realise you are actually eating out, in Great Britain, without the constant background shrieking of Millennial ‘whoop whoop’ choruses or even the very worst of Phil Collins – but even in Liverpool, the music capital of the nation, you are not going to be plagued by The Beatles or Oasis at 8.00am on a Tuesday morning.

Just remember to get your table number, okay? (Staff die a little inside every time someone orders food at the bar and doesn’t recall the little metal number bolted onto the table, or stuck on a spike near the sauce). For the most fun ever, check the calorie count next to each dish on the menu as well. Honestly, you just never knew, until Wetherspoon told you.


Those Cult Wetherspoon Carpets

When Tim Martin opened his first Wetherspoon pub in 1979 he probably didn’t know the carpets would become a cult.   Yet, possibly because each pub has a unique carpet, drawing on the location, building and name, produced by Axminster Carpets and, partially handmade on old fashioned looms, they have drawn a following from website writers and photographers like Kit Caless, whose feet are firmly planted on two Axminster classics, below, in a BBC story on his work.



Wetherspoon Best British Breakfast Top Five

  1. Kiwi Tim Martin called his pub chain after his teacher, at primary school in New Zealand, as a quirky tribute to him.
  2. Despite the Chav image of the pubs, they do as much as the National Trust, if not more, to save listed buildings.
  3. Sauces come in proper bottles on the table, not cheap exploding sachets. HP Sauce, Sarson’s Malt Vinegar, Heinz Tomato Sauce and Hellman’s Mayonnaise can be found wherever you sit.
  4. The Wi-Fi is powered by The Cloud and unlike so much of free, public British wi-fi, it actually works. 
  5. If you’re there for the beer, expect Real Ale. 

For your nearest Wetherspoon pubs, full menu and opening times, go here
Kit Caless carpet images from the BBC website. Other images Wikimedia Commons/Holiday Goddess.
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