All over the British Isles, old shops and cafes are being converted into time-travel tea rooms. In the old-fashioned seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, in The Blitz Tea Rooms, an ex-army corporal, Michelle Austin has created a peaceful sanctuary which takes visitors back to the war years, with dainty china tea-cups and teapots, staff in retro frocks and a Keep Calm and Carry On atmosphere.

The Blitz Tea Rooms are a short walk from the seafront at 22 Waterloo Street. Sit down and be taken back to the days of knitting and bunting, Bisto and Ration Books.

Join the War on Plastic and just say yes to stainless-steel teaspoons, cups that go straight into the washing-up bowl afterwards and cakes under glass – not in bags. The Blitz Tea Rooms is a lovely way to take time out from modern life. Don’t miss it next time you’re in Weston-super-Mare.



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