The best ice-cream in Paris is sold at Berthillon, but in summer the queue is so long, it hardly seems worth the pleasure at the other end. Holiday Goddess contributing editors who love Paris, say winter is the best time to buy. And preferably the tail-end of the season, when it’s not too freezing – but just crisp and sunny enough, to enjoy the most outstanding French takeaway in the city.

Summer at Berthillon - crowded

This is a handpicked selection from the current winter menu, which holds until springtime in Paris becomes official.

Caramelized Apples

Vanilla ice-cream and pear sorbet

Pina Colada Ice Lite

Creole ice, coconut and  pineapple sorbet

Mango & raspberry meringues

Ice Cream & chocolate hazelnut, pear sorbet and meringues

Apricot and pistachio ice cream

Berthillon uses only milk, sugar, cream and eggs with flavours from natural sources – usually around sixty in number, according to the season. The salted butter caramel ice-cream is sought after, the city over.

Image: Kathryn Roy

Berthillon have been making ice cream since the 1950’s when Monsieur Berthillon started selling his homemade ice cream from his shop – still on the  Ile St-Louis, or Saint Louis Island. The Berthillon ice cream shop is located at number 31 Rue St-Louis en l’Ile. The nearest metro station in Paris is at Pont Marie, just cross the bridge when you get out.

Make sure you ask for the chef’s choice for the day. The weather may be cold, and the ice-cream colder, but there’s a lot to be said for dining away from the tourist season.

Holiday Goddess Contributing editor Kathryn Roy: “Berthillon ice cream is wonderful. The creaminess is  like no other ice cream I’ve ever had and the flavours are just so prominent and consistent. I ordered a scoop of the flavour du jour as per the counter staff’s recommendation (vanilla laced with chocolate cake) and a scoop of the salted caramel, both fantastic. Five stars – just go!”

(Berthillon store image: Wikimedia).


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