The Amalfi Coast


Guest Holiday Goddess writer Yasemin Turker explores the five-star Amalfi Coast on a budget.

With news of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries heading to the Amalfi Coast for their quickie honeymoon, it’s really no surprise that the world has suddenly put the spotlight back on this celebrity haunt. The glitz! The glamour! The gorgeous men! All this before you even start looking at accommodation or pricey restaurant options.

Snaking its way along the Sorrentine Peninsula on the Southern Coast of Italy, the Amalfi Coast is a playground for the rich and famous. Well-known towns such as Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, and of course, the Isle of Capri, all call this stunning locale home, and money is the key to get in.

But before you file this romantic region into the ‘never able to afford it’ category of your bucket list, believe me when I say there’s always a secret entrance into every house, and for the Amalfi Coast, it’s all about doing a little research. Sure, you may not be diving off the side of a super yacht, but hey, who wants to suffer from seasickness anyway?

When it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of great options scattered throughout the smaller, lesser-known villages on the Coast, but that said, if you want to be in the action, I recommend staying in Amalfi itself. A little less hectic than Positano, this small town caters to all budgets and is the perfect base for day tripping, rather than moving from hotel to hotel. Every town worth seeing is only a short bus ride away, and the local SITA buses leave Amalfi every few minutes (Italian time, which could mean every two, or 25 minutes, depending on the day). Plus, many B&Bs in the area give you bonus points for staying longer than three nights.

If you’re looking for something mid-range that’s clean, well located, and includes breakfast, look no further than Residenza Pansa just off Duomo Square – the heartbeat of this village. Breakfast is brought to your room every morning, and the small private balconies make for the perfect setting to start your day.

For larger groups wanting to truly experience the Amalfi Coast, a cost-effective way to stay in the area is to rent a villa. You have your own kitchen to cook in, plus, the variety of houses in this region allows for any budget to feel like they’re getting a great deal. Check out Rent Villas to find your dream home. Prices start at as little as $1343 a week for a villa that sleeps 5 people. That’s under $40 a night per person. Bargain – especially in this expensive ‘hood.

If it’s food you’re after, Pizzeria Donna Stella is one of Amalfi’s best-known restaurants. What’s not as well known, however, is their tiny little lunch kitchen that serves homemade Italian food at really reasonable prices. Look for a small hole in the wall under the archway into the Duomo Square in the town of Amalfi and you’ll find it on the right-hand side next to a gelataria. Did someone say dessert?

For only a few small Euros, the SITA bus system shuttles thousands of passengers along the famously terrifyingly roads of the area daily. Especially in the high season. But no route is more recommended by me than the one that takes you up to Ravello, the small picturesque town up in the mountains, a mere 15 minutes from Amalfi.

Once you arrive, enjoy walking around the village (it’s free) before recuperating over an espresso and taking in the view. Or, why not treat yourself to another gelato. Go on, you’re on the Amalfi Coast after all.

Yasemin Turker is an international happiness seeker currently on the journey of a lifetime. Over the past twelve months she has travelled extensively through Asia, South Africa, Europe, and America. Her blog, The Happiness Cocktail, documents her travels around the world. She’s also the New York Editor of, a freelance journalist, and frequent tweeter. Find her @Yaz_Turker.


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