Madonna, Catherine Deneuve and Cindy Crawford have all enjoyed facials with Joelle Ciocco. She has a product line too. Just one thing – her facials last for two hours. And you had best start saving…

If you know you’ll be in Paris with several month’s notice – and your dream is a fantasy facial – then explore the waiting list with Joelle Ciocco. Her products are on Marc Jacobs’ shelves. (You can pick them up online from Collette in Paris at

We hear the facial includes not only an expert massage on your complexion, but also inside your mouth. It’s like mini-gymnastics, but it also relieves tension.

Carine Roitfeld, formerly of French Vogue, is a regular.

Expect around 600 Euros for a first appointment. The word on the (Parisian) street is, her appointments take years off. No plastic surgery required.

Joelle Ciocco

8 Place de la Madeleine


Telephone +33 0142605880


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