Hear the name Lawrence of Arabia and you probably envision the devastatingly handsome and courageous Brit who led an Arab revolt against oppressive Turkish rule during WWI. As portrayed in the 1962 movie with Peter O’Toole.

You probably don’t imagine the chubby-cheeked, schoolboy’s face that’s etched into the side of a rock in the desert wilderness of Wadi Rum in Jordan.

This is, though, a likeness of British Intelligence Officer, Thomas Edward Lawrence, whose guerrilla tactics were said to have undermined Germany’s Ottoman ally. His hero status, however, is disputed in some quarters.

The rock carving marks the meeting place of Lawrence and Arab leaders, whose faces are also carved there.

Want to see it? All travellers to Wadi Rum must register at the visitor centre before exploring the protected area.

Lawrence of Arabia rock carving Wadi Rum

The likeness of British officer T.E. Lawrence – aka Lawrence of Arabia – carved into a rock in Wadi Rum, Jordan.

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