COTTESLOE Luxury in Perth for Around $100

Cottesloe is a beautiful beachside suburb 20 kilometres from Perth, Western Australia. It’s a place for the (very) rich but it’s also surprisingly affordable if your budget is around $100 a night – and you are one of those Holiday Goddess readers who would rather spend her time in the sea, or reading over a good coffee – than sitting in a hotel room. Have a look at the deals on the Ocean Beach Hotel before you even think about actually getting a hotel room in Perth. Then have a look at the local supermarket, The Boatshed (a glamorous, upmarket food boutique with free tasting sessions) and easily the most magnificent casual restaurant/cafe in town.

The money you save by staying at either the Ocean Beach Hotel or an affordable Air BnB apartment, you can spend luxuriating over a cocktail at the grand old restaurant and bar Indiana (below) which is right on the sand. More like a Hollywood star’s private mansion from the last century, than a regular dining joint, Indiana is the kind of place where you can saunter in wearing a sarong and sandals, find a spare chair and organise some calamari in newspaper. Looks gorgeous, but isn’t super-fussy or formal. 

If you like picnics, or you like picnics-in-your-room, then The Boatshed – a short walk from the beach in the main Cottesloe shopping area – has everything you need to throw into your basket, from take-out salad to crab dip.

This is a great Australian beach, with white sand, warm blue water and it fits the Holiday Goddess brief. Here, a short taxi or bus ride from Perth Airport or CBD, you really can feel like a goddess for less. Think about Cottesloe!


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