Chrissy Amphlett has a laneway named after her in Melbourne at the top of Little Bourke Street, just near the Princess Theatre and behind the Palace Theatre. She played both venues and has a mural, plaque and street sign remembering her there. Story – Jessica Adams.

When I started a campaign to name a Melbourne laneway after our beloved Chrissy Amphlett I had no idea how hard the task would be. Joined by friend and partner-in-crime Jenny Valentish I worked with Chrissy’s husband, the lovely Charley Drayton (now drumming with Cold Chisel), her famous cousin Patricia (Little Pattie) and her friend and literary agent Fran Moore over 18 months to find the perfect place and win the all-important city and council approval.


Chrissy Amphlett's eyes at Amphlett Lane

Chrissy Amphlett’s eyes at Amphlett Lane


The Art at Chrissy’s Lane

The art at Chrissy’s lane has been commission and created by Australian painters who used her famous rock’n’roll stare and school uniform – not to mention her dogs – for inspiration. The plaque names her ‘family, fans and friends’ all of whom contributed to the petition of over 7000 people asking the council, presided over by Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, to immortalise one of Australia’s greatest rock’n’roll legends.

The dogs, who were bred by Chrissy and also became her best friends, are led by Holiday, a fierce protector of Chrissy’s name and lane, much loved by people taking selfies for Instagram. You can follow the Twitter account @AmphlettLane to see some of the shots.


Chrissy Peke

An admirer at Amphlett Lane.

An admirer at Amphlett Lane.


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