Cindy  Sherman at GOMA, Brisbane by Mark Ferguson.

Cindy ShermanWe know these people – has-been soap operas actors, society dames clinging to youth, the overdressed hangers-on shouldering  for artistic capital by association.

And while we recognise these distinct characters from our real and media lives,  they are all photographs of and by the same artist, the Goddess of the selfie – Cindy Sherman.

Each room of the Gallery of Modern Art’s “Cindy Sherman” feels like a social event where we don’t quite belong  surrounded by women emphasising their individuality within the narrow  norms dictated by  their peers.

Cindy doesn’t try  to be kind to her  carefully observed then constructed subjects – licensing  her to detail  the sadness, fragility and decay behind the facades of clothes, makeup, and accessories. Cindy remains  true even for  major commissions from Balenciaga and Chanel. Draped in layers of Nicolas Ghesquiere,  the Balenziaga girls have never heard the adage to accessorise  and then take something off. With access to the Chanel archive Sherman photographs past haute couture in bleak landscapes, the clothes and the face evidencing faded glory.

This well curated show of works since 2000 exemplifies  Cindy’s evolution as she ages, as technology enhances , and as her New York hometown  suffers the massively social upheavals of the World Trade Towers attack, the excesses of the early naughties, the Global Financial Crisis and our new austerity in denial.

Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman
GOMA, Brisbane
28th May – 3rd Oct 2016


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