By Mark Ferguson.

Artist Tracey Moffat and editor Gary Hillberg create short montage films by splicing clips of similar scenes from the rich and controversial history of film within a universal theme.



Goddesses will be hooked after watching this 7 minute trailer of “Love” :

At Artspace until 10th August Goddesses can see the full 21 minute version of “Love” as well as :
“Lip”,”Artist”,”Doomed”,”Revolution”,”Mother”,”Other” and “The Art”.



So many aspects to this method make an enthralling watch as they show:
films we recognise;
actors we love;
stereotype that Hollywood reinforces;
behaviours that Hollywood indulges; and
the structure of setup, climax and denouement.

Each time I met someone at the launch I asked which was their favourite. “Love” trumped them all. As you saw “Love” begins with the first apprehensive embrace rapidly followed by a crescendo of slapping, throwing drinks and shooting guns. “Love” reminds us of what we are missing and … not missing.

For Mr Goddess there’s “Doomed” a rollicking celebration of movies disasters. It’s a visual assault of fires, tsunami, earthquakes to a pounding soundtrack. “The Towering Inferno”,”The Poseidon Adventure”, “The Day After Tomorrow” and other classics of chaos are juxtaposed here.



Tracey Moffatt is one of Australia’s most celebrated living artists. Tracey’s early photographs showed the plight of urban aboriginals in magnificent large format photographs. The film “Other” extends this early theme by showing the stereotypes of white’s first encounters with other cultures from films such as in “The King and I” and so many others including a film I wish I could recognise. Two white women are in a canoe being rowed by half a dozen muscular young Africans. One is trying to talk to other but she is completely fixated on the visual feast before her.

Montages: The Full Cut, 1999 – 2015
Tracey Moffatt and Gary Hillberg
23rd June 2016 – 10th August 2016

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