Jenny Valentish tries the fancy hot dogs and 4am curfew at Melbourne’s elegant Supper Club.

Ladies are helplessly drawn to Melbourne’s Supper Club like moths to a flame. And how could they not be, with its elegant coils of cigar smoke and leathery embrace? Behind an anonymous door on Spring Street, a stone’s throw from the equally salubrious Windsor Hotel and Princess Theatre, this den is done up like an elegant study, with sturdily upholstered sofas and book-lined walls. It has all the feel of an old-fashioned gentleman’s club, but also welcomes ladies — of the glamorous variety, naturally — with the result that there are glinting eyes and loosened ties in every nook.

If you’re a smoker (cigar or otherwise), or are determined to make the most of a balmy evening, the roof bar, overlooking Parliament House, is for you. A DJ could well provide the Motown-y or jazz grooves as you peruse a bar menu of fancy hot dogs,  Peking duck pancakes and spring rolls, but it’s probably the generous selection of wine, whisky or cocktails you’ve arranged yourself fetchingly for. (NB: you won’t find screaming orgasms here — these cocktails are strong silent types that won’t embarrass you in public). Why not get into the spirit of things and wallow in a whiskey sour until closing at 4am? The staff are very discreet, you know.

161 Spring St
Melbourne 3000
03 96546300

Facebook: Melbourne Supper Club

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