Goddess’ should ensure they wear  flatties  to enter GOMA’s summer show “Water”.  Heels probably wouldn’t be considered “appropriate footwear” to access the exhibition though William Forsythe’s “The Fact of the Matter”. Unsuitably shod Goddess’ would miss the sensation of swimming  by straggling the gymnastic hoops that lead into “Water”.  Though, at the opening, the gallery Director Tim Fairfax did advise his fortified attendees to avoid the challenge on the night…an option that still exists for the Goddess who places style above adventure.

Some years back GOMA presented a retrospective of the Cai Guo-Qiang. Cai loves faux-taxidermy and fireworks. He created the pyrotechnics  for the Beijing Olympics and number animal works that occupy entire galleries. At this time of the retrospective GOMA purchased “Heritage” featuring an unlikely combination of 99  animals drinking from an immense water hole. On first install it required half a floor, though, for “Water” GOMA sought permission from the artist to install it half size   – nonetheless still spectacular.

Clad head to toe in Dior, your reviewer took a little break from the festivities, in Olafur Eliasson’s “Riverbed”.  Definitely the kind of outdoors that allows us no of compromise style or comfort for a meditative brush with nature. This sprawling stone installation is built within the gallery complete with babbling brook.

It was 38 Centigrade outside when Peter Fischli and David Weiss’ “Snowman” joined us for opening drinks. He had come all the way from Switzerland in his own specially built freezer to become a part of the GOMA collection. This is not just high maintenance art to transport…everyday his fridgedaire must be opened to redraw his eyes and Billy Idol sneer. In a final challenge to the impossible, “Snowman” will be installed permanently outside the Gallery.

GOMA is one of Asia’s great galleries and hosts  the biggest public art show in the region – The Asia Pacific Triennial – next held in summer 2022.  For the Mother Goddess GOMA have an exceptional kids program to complement the youngsters experience of the show and to give their Mum a chance to zip down to the riverside cafe for a quiet glass of chardy.

Story and Photographs by Mark Ferguson

Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art
7th  December 2019 – 26th April 2020



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