Every traveller right now will have one big (or in fact quite microscopic) thing on their mind right now: coronavirus. Thoughts such as “is it safe to travel??’, ‘how many people are infected in the destination I am heading to?’ or ‘should I be getting on this plane?’ are no doubt popping into the heads of anyone about to embark on a trip to a foreign destination.

Our advice? Well firstly for medical advice on your individual situation don’t turn to Holiday Goddess, get the opinion of a fully trained medical professional, preferably who has access to your medical history. While not all the facts about the virus are known, there are certain groups who are believed to be more vulnerable, so you want to be sure you get a sound opinion on what’s right for you. So, to be smart and worry less, make an appointment with your doctor for before you leave (or book for that matter).

But Holiday Goddess does know travel…so we’ve decided to pull together some data on important elements of any trip that will give you greater peace of mind, no matter if your plane departs this month or way off into the future. Namely – clean planes and clean hotels!

World’s Cleanest Airline

No matter how strong your immune system nobody wants to get on a plane that looks like it’s never seen surface spray! Each year the World Airline Awards publish a list of the top airlines to travel in different categories as voted by customers, and right now this seems more important than ever.

Topping the list in 2019 was Taiwan’s EVA Air (see image for top 20), but other’s worthy of a mention is Japan’s Air Nippon who topped this list in 2018 and also Singapore Airlines who consistently makes the top ten year after year.

But no matter which airline you are on don’t be shy in approaching cabin crew during the flight and requesting they attend to messy bathrooms or common areas – our experience is that, if you ask nicely, most airline staff are more than happy to fix areas that have seen high traffic while in transit.

List from Skytrak World Airline website


Photo by Michael Glass


World’s Cleanest Hotels

Japan comes up a winner when it comes to hotel cleanliness standards too. Booking portal Hotel.info did a survey a few years ago, pulling together the opinions of 6 million users. So this data really is a good litmus test of which countries you’re most likely to find the hotels with the most sparkling surfaces and cleanest sheets, plus those which you’ll need to do extra homework on finding the right hotel for your standards (or simply know in advance you’ll need to pack your own disinfectant wipes).

Cities with cleanest hotels data by Hotels.info, graph from The Wall Street Journal

Safe travels!


Feature Image by JESHOOTS.COM




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