Thanks to the amazing tech advances with mobile phones over the last couple of decades nearly every tourist is carrying around a high-quality camera in their bag or pocket. And trips are certainly kept alive by the precious holiday images we take as we explore the furthest reaches of the globe.

View from Como Castello Del Nero terrace courtesy Como Hotels


But for those wishing to take their holiday snaps to another level altogether Como Castello Del Nero in Tuscany, Italy, will be giving a small group (maximum of 8 people) daily tuition with award-winning photographer Martin Morrell between May 6th – May 10th, 2020. All while staying in a twelfth-century castle and dining on the best Italy has to offer.

Photographer Martin Morrell supplied by Como Hotels


“Today, it has never been easier to take a photograph – but it has also never been more difficult to get an original shot,” says Martin. With his guidance you will learn the end-to-end process of a travel photographer: from proper set up and technical mastery, to colour grading and post-production. Most importantly, he will show you how to find your own unique angle – helping you tell original stories through photographs.

See the Como Hotels site for full details on this unique travel retreat experience.

Also offering a range of photography programs in 2020 is National Geographic Expeditions. So, if you’ve always wanted to roam the globe with your camera but didn’t know where to start, both the Como Castello Del Nero and the National Geographic tours would be the place.

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