The best vintage shop in Scotland has three branches in Edinburgh. If you want cashmere, tweed or tartan you can’t miss W.Armstrong and Son. Story Jessica Adams.

W.Armstrong and Son pretty much owns vintage clothes and bags in Edinburgh. If you can’t find what you want at one shop, try the other two. The racks of cashmere cardigans and twinsets (think Princess Margaret circa 1960) are so tighly packed, though, it would be a miracle if you don’t find something in your colour for around £20.

Scotland Best Vintage OneIf the Eighties is your preference you’ll find the buyers have approved only the tackiest and loudest of padded-shoulder jackets. Armstrong also had lovely 1940s tea dresses which Cath Kidston is designing to such great effect – you’ll pay a little more for these than a Kidston, but you are also buying a one-off.

SCotland Best Vintage Four
Because this is Scotland the shelves are heaving with Harris Tweed and Pringle, and there are also some beautiful kilts for men and women to choose from. These shops are different to regular vintage outlets across Britain by virtue of their Scots pedigree. The sporrans are lovely, even if you never wear one and just prop it up on your dressing-room table. In two of their shops I saw straw baskets full of fantastic mohair tartan scarves – so hard to get anywhere else in the world – heaped on the floor with price-tags under £10.

Scotland Best Vintage ThreeA lot of vintage shoppers would never care if they saw a bad imitation leopardskin coat again or a pair of corduroy flares, but even if you are jaded, Armstrong has such beautiful handpicked Scots clothes and accessories you may be revived. Better still, they have an eBay shopfront so you can always change your mind about the little lemon cashmere number when you’re home.

If that doesn’t work, there’s always a glass of Talisker scotch at The Scotsman in town. That’s one of the joys of shopping for vintage in Edinburgh.

Find W.Armstrong and Son at 83 The Grassmarket, 64 Clerk Street and 14 Teviot Place.

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