Greenland Micro-CruiseThere’s a saying among international jetsetters:  “After you’ve seen the world, there’s always Greenland.” Vicki Arkoff reports. 

True enough, not everyone can casually mention that they’ve seen narwhals and walruses in the wild.  For bragging rights like that, Greenland is a must, so you might as well go there on a private charter for just 12 fellow adventurers and your Arctic-specialist guide.

The Australia travel company Micro-Cruising has just eight open berths left for its exclusive 19-day voyage on the specialist expedition vessel M/S Kisaq.  After arriving in the high Arctic town of Qaanaaq (AKA Thule) July 28 on an Air Greenland commercial flight, your sea vessel will depart on August 2 with a final docking date of August 20 in Nuuk, Greenland’s capital city. In between you’ll explore Greenland’s west coast from North to South: areas normally out of reach for tourists. You’ll view expanses of wild land and sea where beluga and killer whales can be spotted, along with at least four fascinating seal species.

Greenland dog sled team

The itinerary starts at the northernmost town on Earth, set in the remote wilderness, then progresses down the coast, past glaciers, icebergs, and green fjords.  Guests will discover the ruins of ancient Norse settlements founded by Erik the Red, and will have a rare encounter with the endangered culture of the last traditional Inuit villages, where life revolves around fishing and seal hunting for survival. Gastronomic adventurers can sample a “Greenland buffet” of seal meat, musk oxen, caribou, whale steak, and “kirioq” made from rotting birds cured inside a seal carcass. Not hungry after reading the menu? Opt to dogsled instead, or take a helicopter trip over one of the world’s most active glaciers. The bravest of your group can also choose to sleep on a glacier overnight.

Expedition cost is approximately US$6,948 per person (AU$8,915) including all food and on-board accommodation, but excluding optional activities, airfare, air transfer and pre/post accommodations. Encounters with Santa Claus, unfortunately, cannot be guaranteed.

Vicki Arkoff

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