A Quick Guide to the Big Easy

"There's one thing you need to remember - there is so much more to this city than Bourbon Street!"

Whether you’re here for the drinks or here for the history, there’s one thing you need to remember – there is so much more to this city than Bourbon Street! And it isn’t all Mint Juleps and Sazeracs (though it can be); New Orleans has a little something for everyone.

The Rest of the French Quarter

When people think about the Big Easy, they think ‘Bourbon Street’. And that’s fine, just don’t think about it for more than 20 minutes. Duck into a bar, grab a drink, and take it to go. This is where all the masses arrive to try and savour a Mardi Gras moment during the rest of the year. Walk one block over and explore the art galleries of Royal Street. Walk another block over and find yourself in Jackson Square. It won’t be long before your find yourself wandering the historic quarter, wondering why Bourbon Street is so great anyway. OUR PICKS: Carousel Bar and a Ghost Tour

Warehouse District

The Southwest end of Bourbon Street spits you out onto Canal Street, a busy, palm tree lined roadway. Cross Canal Street and continue on past Poydras Street to enter the Warehouse District. Here you’ll find lots of great restaurants and museums. OUR PICKS: Cochon Butcher and WWII Museum

The Garden District

The next district south is one where you can marvel at mansions and meander along Magazine Street. This area is where you’ll find 10,000 sq ft homes owned by the rich and famous. You’ll also be able to do some great thrift shopping and eat at some spectacular restaurants. OUR PICKS: Turkey and the Wolf and Trashy Diva Clothing Boutique.

Oak Street

One of the best and cheapest ways to get around is by trolly. For less than $2 USD, you can ride the St. Charles trolly from end-to-end, a roughly 40 minute trip. Jump on it in the Warehouse District and sit back and enjoy the views as it transports you over 5 miles through the Garden District all the way to Oak Street. Once you get there, grab a table at OUR PICK: Jaques Imos

The Marigny

If you chose to head North along Bourbon Street, you will cross Esplanade Avenue into the Marigny. Here, you’ll find Frenchman Street, the low key, ‘artsy’ version of Bourbon Street. OUR PICKS: Night Art Market and Elysian Bar

The Bywater

Heading west of the Marigny, you will arrive in the Bywater. This more seemingly residential area has plenty of beautiful murals for your eyes to feast on, and more restaurants and bars for your enjoyment. OUR PICKS: Studio Be and Bud Rips

It won’t be hard to fill a few days with all these wonderful stops. Happy travels!



Kathryn Roy

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Elysian Bar, New Orleans
St Louis Cathedral, New Orleans


New Orleans, LA, USA