The Long-Haul Flight Survival Guide


Bestselling author Faith Bleasdale survived London-Singapore flights for years. In economy. This is how she did it…

When I lived in Singapore it felt as if I spent most of my time on a plane. The eleven hour flight between the UK and Singapore became my second home. Travelling in economy class is a grim ordeal that I think would perhaps rehabilitate prisoners; I had to develop my own way of surviving. Most people are flying to go on holidays, which means that they are more forgiving of the flight but still, I thought I would share with you my tips for making it as painless as is possible!

When I started my carry on bag was full to the brim of things I thought I would need, by my last flight I had mastered it as much as I ever would, being the sort of person who is always a tad over-prepared. My first tip is to organise your handbag, making sure that everything is easily accessible. When you are first squeezed into your seat and everyone is trying to board the plane getting your essentials to hand is a skill that needs practice.

But first to what to take?

Posh always looks amazing when she steps off the plane, although she obviously doesn’t go ‘cattle class’. However I would always travel in jeans and take a pair of yoga trousers and a long sleeved T-shirt with me to change into, along with my favourite woollen socks. I didn’t feel great stepping off the plane in what looked like my pyjamas, and although the airplane loos aren’t exactly great changing rooms, they are just about manageable. Also take a big scarf or pashmina with you to cosy up in.

Sleeping on the plane isn’t always easy but if you want to rest your eyes, which will help with the looking good at the other end, take a good quality sleep mask and invest in a pair of earplugs.

Planes dehydrate, especially if you indulge in some of the free wine they serve (which I always do), so drink plenty of water. It’s simple but crucial both to avoid water retention and to help your skin. In addition it’s important to carry the right products. Due to recent events you are allowed to take 100ml bottles, which is the perfect excuse to try to blag sample sizes of your favourite products. Take a good facial moisturiser, and apply it frequently, as well as a soothing eye cream, and a lip balm. Deodorant is obviously essential and I always pack some baby wipes which are just really useful for a whole multitude of things! Then, before landing you can reapply your make-up, get changed and you will look ready to face the paparazzi!


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