Melbourne’s Most Eccentric Breakfast

Guest Goddess Elizabeth Russell recommends breakfast in a converted station-master’s building – and the view.

Like most places that do delicious coffee and breakfasts in seaside Melbourne, it’s far better to visit this cosy, converted station master’s building on a weekday around 9am. That way when St Kilda’s commuters have squeezed themselves on to the Number 96 tram and are jostling their way to the city, you will have waved them goodbye at Middle Park tram stop 130 and be making a decision about where to enjoy your first Genovese latte.

The wooden back deck directly overlooking the Middle Park Tennis Club and Albert Park is an ideal spot to catch up on writing your travel journal or daydreaming.  The raised platform front deck is the best place to meet locals and their canine charges and tram spotters.

While the main room in the middle is perfect for getting cosy and reading the trashy mags available. There’s even a decorative globe for you to plan your next trip while waiting for your bowl of bircher muesli or the famed house corn fritters.

Mart 130 can be a popular spot for young mums in the area, so if you have an aversion to those under three you may need to choose your perch wisely. This will all depend on the time you decide to alight. Mart 130 is a quaint play on the fact that it is situated at the tram stop number 130. It’s also a very nice place to gather your thoughts before you continue your travels to the city or St Kilda.

Mart 130 is open from 7.30am seven days a week and breakfast is served until 3pm sharp. Weekend breakfasts are notoriously crowded so get in early or be prepared for a wait.
Payment is by cash only. Two coffees and a breakfast meal should set you back around $20.

Mart 130
Tram Stop 130 on Number 96 Tram
107a Canterbury Rd
Middle Park 3206 VIC
Phone: (03) 9690 8831

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