Real fashion beats faux every time, according to Clare Press.

joycegift_cardPeople are forever going on about buying fake goods in Hong Kong, but what happens if you don’t want a wannabe Rolex or a dodgy vinyl Louis Vuitton bag that says “Lois Viton” on the tags? Because I don’t actually; I want a lovely new season Alexander McQueen clutch. Or an Hervé Leger bandage dress like the ones all the celebs are sporting. Call me a snob! I don’t care! I like to save up for my fashion fix and buy the real thing.

When in Hong Kong, I jump in a cab to the Central branch of what is surely the region’s all-time best ever fabulous fashion emporium, Joyce. Actually, the formal name of these extravagant department stores (there are four in Hong Kong and Kowloon and a new one in Taiwan) is World of Joyce, because this is the fashion world according to buyer extraordinaire Joyce Ma.

At the time of writing, new consignments are arriving from McQueen and Leger as well as Givenchy, Lanvin, Oscar de la Renta, Dries Van Noten and Balenciaga, but the mix is always changing. There’s also a must-shop cosmetics hall and an O.T.T. costume jewelry gallery. Upstairs, the hot-off-the catwalks offerings are equally as sumptuous for men. For maximum joy, Joyce-style, ensure there is plenty of room on your credit card. Hey, big spenders …

World of Joyce, 16 Queen’s Road Central District, Hong Kong,

Image: Courtesy of Joyce