Faith Bleasdale goes in search of the perfect Singapore Sling

cc. / Chang'r

cc. / Chang’r

There are two things stand out about Singapore – the shopping and the cocktails. Shopping is a national pasttime and for such a small place, the amount of malls is quite astounding. But I want to focus on the aprés shopping – the cocktail hour (or two).

Singapore is famous for its Singapore Sling, and when visiting there is only one place to go to sample this – The Long bar at Raffles hotel – Walking into the hotel is like stepping back into colonial times, and you might feel slightly underdressed even in an evening gown. The far more casual Long Bar itself is strangely pub-like, and as they give you free monkey nuts, the shells also decorate the floor (warning to anyone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it is rather messy)! The cocktail itself I found overly sweet but I think it would be churlish not to try it…

Highly recommended is the New Asia Bar at Swiss Hotel at The Stamford. Not for those with vertigo, it’s on the seventy-first floor, with amazing views of the city, and a pretty extensive cocktail list. Its decor is modern, and sleek, and they offer Sundowners (half price wine, champagne and cocktails) from 3pm until 9pm daily. Genius. However, it’s normally pretty busy and service can be slow. You have been warned.

My hands-down favourite place is the Martini Bar at Mezza 9, in Singapore’s Grand Hyatt. This glass-encased bar has the best martini list in the whole of Singapore (and to be honest anywhere else I’ve been). Fabulous bar, great central location, friendly service, it really is the perfect place for the perfect cocktail. My recommendation is the watermelon martini, which is mouth-wateringly good. As in many Singapore bars they often crank the air-conditioning up quite high, remember you can ask for a wrap and a pashmina will be provided.

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Faith Bleasdale grew up in Devon, did History at Bristol University and then moved to London. After sampling a huge variety of rubbish jobs, she decided that she would put her passion for writing to good use. She currenty lives in Singapore where the climate and the shopping definitely agrees with her. She writes full time.