British Holiday Goddess editors love Hastings – one of the best London getaways by train or car. Holiday Goddess Handbag Guide editor Lily Evans revisits it for us, tries the Judges Bakery buns, and makes us want to go back…

Judge's Bakery (Lily Evans)

Hastings Old Town is a small fishing village made big by its character. Its mismatched and often historic houses are situated between two great hills, the west hill is crowned with the castle ruins from the battle of 1066 and the east hill swoops back into acres of the most magical forest complete with streams, waterfalls, caves and the sound of the sea.

Ecclesbourne Glen is in the heart of this forest. It boasts breathtaking cliff views and hidden paths that pull you into another world, one of nature untouched by time. A great place for picnics and walks and to just enjoy the sun, shining through canopies of tree leaves like sequins.

Hastings on the English Channel (Lily Evans)

In the town Judges bakery provides in-house-fresh-baked bread, local and organic produce and all kinds of mouth- watering baked goods. The croissants are more buttery and flakier than Paris’s finest and the cheese scones are worth getting up early for, when hot.

The creators of Green and Blacks, who have turned their hand to artisan bread, own the bakery. With traditional baking techniques and the finest ingredients they have created bread so delicious that it’s hard not to scoff the whole loaf before you’re home. It’s honestly the best bread I’ve ever eaten. Cakes range from bakewell tarts to heavenly chocolate brownies and these luxuries remain at small town prices, so you can try them all.

Opposite Judges is The Wardrobe, a fantastic vintage shop that remains a bit of a secret to those in the know. Dresses range from 1920’s gowns to modern looks by the big names in fashion. Best of all you’ll find a range of beautiful wedding dresses: 1940’s in ivory silk or bridesmaids dresses coloured like cupcakes. I spend hours trying them all on; these are clothes that remind you of the romance in dressing up. Visit Hastings by train from London – tickets available from The Trainline.

Lily Evans

Lily Evans is a writer and stylist living in New York. 

She has worked for Vogue and Teen Vogue, on runway shows including
 Victorias Secrets and as a writer for magazines including Vice.

 Originally from the south east coast of England. She now spends her
time between New York, London and India.



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