Middle East


Al Hajjarah, Yemen

Yemen: Al Hajjarah

Located in the Haraz Mountains of Yemen, the 11th Century village of Al Hajjarah lies at an altitude of 1,858 metres. In the 12th Century, the Ottomans found its strategic position useful when defending the road from the coast to the capital, Sana’a.

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La Madeline au Truffe
United Arab Emirates

Dubai: Amazing Chocopologie

About the size of a tennis ball, the Madeline at the Chocopologie café chocolate lounge in Dubai, a church for the worshippers of chocolate/where lovers of chocolate go to worship.

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Oman - town square of Nizwa

Omani Road Trip, United Arab Emirates

The very nature of a road trip means the journey is part of the destination and Oman is particularly good for road tripping thanks to the many kilometres of brand, spanking, shiny new bitumen. In the 1970s there were just a few hundred kilometres of road throughout the whole of Oman. Now there’s about 10,000 km of ‘driver’s dream’ newly laid asphalt, wide smooth dual carriage highways.

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Burj Khalifa
United Arab Emirates

Dubai: Tallest Tower – Without Tom Cruise

Reaching 828 metres (2716 feet in old money) into the sky – we’re talking looking down on clouds here – the Burj Khalifa stands in the centre of Dubai like an upended hypodermic needle. Tom basically sat on the pricky end of the needle, somewhere almost no one has gone before.

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Local House Restaurant, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Dubai: Camel Cuisine

In the heart of old Dubai, not far from the misleadingly-named Dubai Creek (it’s a sizeable river) Local House is a beautiful space for casual dining and specializes in offering a traditional Emirati experience. Built in traditional Arabian-style and dating back to 1890, there’s no roof, making it outdoor dining indoors, ideal for temperatures in the desert.

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Amman, Jordan

Jordan: Amman

Amman is laid out on seven circles. Givine someone directions to meet you can be a nightmare because there’s no real such thing as an address – and it’s not well signposted. Your directions may well sounds like this – “It’s left past the cat, then right to the old man on the corner, then take your third right.”

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