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Caravan Perth WA

Caravan Air BnB Australia

Retro caravans and local holidays are changing the way we travel around our own home state. What you might not know is that you can make money from owning a van (retro or modern) by sharing it/hiring it out.

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I Will Survive, And So Will You.

There are vital things that will boost your immunity (crucially) and the many highly esoteric things that just make you feel a bit happier when staying home for three months or more. I think all three are important.

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Clark Van Der Beken

Taking Off With Virtual Travel in 2020

Virtual travel has been waiting patiently in the wings but now, with physical travel on hold for the foreseeable future, it really is it’s time to shine.  Holiday Goddess help you head to locations around world with a click of your mouse, instead of the roar of a jet engine.

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How To Stay Savvy When Booking Discounted Airline Tickets

Key information can be neatly tucked away in the terms and conditions which – not surprisingly – some travellers never get around to reading. We suggest a quick read through the terms and conditions for each and every ticket you book, regardless of your ‘seasoned traveller’ status and particularly those of those falling into budget fare category.

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Train Travel Trend 2020

The thought of flying making you slightly nervous right now? Don’t let that stop you from exploring the world, jump onboard a train instead, you’ll be in good company with plenty of other savvy travellers doing just that!

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Planning Travel in The Year of Coronavirus

Every traveller right now will have one big (or in fact quite microscopic) thing on their mind right now: coronavirus. Thoughts such as “is it safe to travel??’, ‘how many people are infected in the destination I am heading to?’ or ‘should I be getting on this plane?’

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Coronavirus Travel Chaos

The travel industry globally is bracing itself for at least two weeks of chaos and confusion, with many countries around the globe now advising their citizens against travelling to China.

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Book cover of Wherever You Go A Guide to Mindful, Sustainable, and Life-Changing Travel

Take The Long Way Home

Avoid flygskam, or flight shame, with the help of former CEO of Lonely Planet, Daniel Houghton’s book “Wherever You Go – A Guide to Mindful, Sustainable, and Life-Changing Travel”.

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Free Travel Journal Covers

Holiday Goddess artist Anna Johnson (below) is giving you the chance to download, print and customise these exclusive covers (or inside separator sheets) for your travel journal.

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Bear Cubs

Take the Pledge Against Cruel Zoos

Sure, some zoos are well-run places where endangered species can be protected and bred in captivity to help future research into their conversation. But – far too many have a shocking track record. 

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cups of nun chai

Kashmir: Cups of nun chai

Alana Hunt is currently working on a project called Cups of nun chai – a memorial that emerged in Kashmir’s summer of 2010 when 118 civilians died in pro-freedom protests.

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Dogstar Foundation - Pippa

Thanks for Helping Dogstar

Dogstar Foundation, the amazing charity which rescues street dogs in Sri Lanka but also works on helping local dog health – and preventing unwanted puppies.

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Macdonald Hotel, Argyle Square

London: Best Cheap Hotels

If you want to be a few minutes away from London’s best train station, – and satisfied with a clean room, somewhere to hang your clothes and a pretty view – then head to any of the cheap hotels which line Argyle Square, near Kings Cross St. Pancras station and its sister, Kings Cross station.

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