Mr and Mrs Amos

Mr and Mrs Amos

Mr and Mrs Amos is easily the best new travel website of 2013, with stunning photography and the wittiest, most truthful writing about luxe travel, around the world. You may be looking for a classic Paris hotel (like Marlene Dietrich’s favourite in Paris, the Hotel Lancaster, photographed below by Tony Amos) or honest reviews of the best local secrets – but Mr and Mrs Amos know.

Holiday Goddess Managing Editor Jessica Adams asked award-winning travel journalist and bestselling novelist Lee Tulloch about her partnership – personal and professional – with Tony Amos – and the cult new site.

Tell us a bit about your careers and lives, Lee – living in New York – working across the full spectrum of books and media.

We’re the perfect team – I write, he’s a one-finger typist; he shoots, I always put my thumb over the lens. The first story we did together was a feature on Pere Lachaisse cemetery in Paris for Harper’s Bazaar Australia (I was the editor) back in the 1980s. We got married, moved to New York, had a daughter, moved back to Australia, then moved to Paris and later again to New York in the mid 1990s. He’s an Aries and I have Sagittarius rising and an Aries moon, so we’re restless! In between our travels, I write fiction (I’m finishing my sixth novel now) and he makes beautiful photographs, which he exhibits. He also makes surfboards.

Why were you both moved to begin Mr and Mrs Amos?

We worked in print media all our lives but feel that’s there’s little creativity in print publications these days, now that the bean counters have taken over. There are a huge number of talented people taking to digital because of the freedom it offers. We  scoured the web to see what was available in terms of quality travel e-zines and most of the good ones are connected to print publications such as AFAR and CN Traveller. We thought there was plenty of room for an independent voice.  Our plan has always been to do creative editorial with possibilities for collaborations with other brands. ALL our content is original, by us and a select few talented friends. We don’t lift images from hotel websites.

Hotel Lancaster, Paris (Tony Amos)

Hotel Lancaster, Paris (Tony Amos)

Your favourite travel websites?

Because I’m a hotel junkie, I get Hotel Chatter in my in box each day, plus Luxury Travel Adviser whenever they post. I like the voice of Luxury Travel Bible. I tend to follow different travel writers and bloggers on Twitter rather than go to websites. The Everywhereist is terrific. She tweeted through brain surgery! And I wish I had thought of that name first.

As you know New York and Sydney so well, could you give us one thing (just one thing) to experience in both cities? Something that is your absolute must, in terms of the trip?

If you’ve never been to New York, I highly recommend taking the Circle Line boat trip around the whole island. I resisted this for years, thinking it must be cheesy. But it’s astounding and it gives you a great perspective on how huge the city is and how varied is its landscape. In Sydney, the coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee and beyond is a must. It’s well-known and maybe you might think you’re not up for it, but take it slowly and it’s just marvellous. You go past one of the best cemeteries in the world at Waverley (you can tell I’m mad about cemeteries.) If you’re pushed for time, skip Bondi and start at lovely Bronte Beach. But don’t go during Sculpture by the Sea in October – too crowded! Otherwise, my advice in any city, is just hang out with the locals, don’t be on a schedule.

Where do you most want to holiday, Lee, that you’ve never been to?

Istanbul! I can’t quite ever seem to get there. I was close once, in Varna on the Black Sea, but not close enough.

What can people expect to get from your website and linked projects?

Inspiration and stimulation. I want our readers to  feel compelled to get on a plane (or train or ship) when they’ve finished each of our stories.  We’ll post beautiful photographic slide shows for those with a visual bent, and interesting, witty words for those who like to read. We are free so we will rely on sponsorship from commercial entities in the long run, but we our content will always be our own honest editorial point of view. We want people to subscribe and engage with us knowing they can trust us. I have been Travel Editor for Vogue Living for the past three years and people often remark, ‘Oh I took you story on so-and-so with me on my trip and I did everything you said and loved it.’ There’s no better thrill than that!



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