Part 2 of Holiday Goddess’ new Haunted Hotels series by Vicki Arkoff, spotlighting spooky sleepover suggestions across the USA.

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The Timberline Lodge — Mt. Hood, Oregon

Heeeeerrrre’s the Shining hotel! When film director Stanley Kubrick was looking for the perfect stand-in for the fictional Overlook Hotel, this unique 1930s ski lodge on top of Oregon’s Mt. Hood — The Timberline Lodge — is what he chose for the original movie’s exterior scenes after bringing The Shining author Stephen King himself for his seal of approval.

Attracting more than a million people annually, this 1930s National Historic Landmark is instantly recognizable for its imposing stone masonry, hand-carved beams, pitched roof and snowy mountaintop setting. Frankly, it’s eye-poppingly amazing, and just begs visitors to wonder and explore the intricate rooms, filled with handmade furniture and carved beams. It’s worth a visit for a million reasons, not least of which is Oregon’s most iconic bar, the Blue Ox, hidden away behind the main lobby. Fans of “The Shining” will be disappointed that there’s no hedge maze at The Timberline, but there’s a snowmobile like the one Scatman Crothers drove in the movie to save the day, and there’s an Instagram-worthy, axe-through-the-door photo op in the lobby.

Timberline snow exterior

For ghost hunters, the most popular room in this majestic mountain lodge is #217 because of its role in King’s book. Ironically, the Timberline Lodge asked that Kubrick not feature it in the film, fearful that it would scare away guests, so Kubrick complied and created a nonexistent room, #237, for the screenplay instead. My wood-paneled room on the same floor was not officially haunted, but I did hear footsteps and whispers coming from the hallway all night…because of the lodge’s beautiful-yet-too-thin walls. For peace and quiet, large parties can book the lodge’s isolated Silcox Hut, Oregon’s highest hotel room (it’s above the main lodge at 7,000 feet, right next to the ski-lifts) and it’s the biggest bunkhouse you’re likely to ever see, sleeping 24 guests.

For more semi-spooky sightseeing in gorgeous state of Oregon – such as the “Twilight” vampire and werewolf movie locations in Silver Falls State Park (scene of the deer hunt), View Point Inn (where the prom was held), and Vernonia, Oregon (AKA fictional Forks, Washington) – visit Travel Oregon for itinerary suggestions:

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