Hong Kong Hollywood Antiques Market

Create Your Own Hong Kong Tour

Did you know you can create your own customised tour of Hong Kong? You can be local and get to know Hong Kong like a first-time visitor by shaping your city experience, your way.

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Coronavirus Travel Chaos

The travel industry globally is bracing itself for at least two weeks of chaos and confusion, with many countries around the globe now advising their citizens against travelling to China.

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Gangehi Island - Maldives - Tam on the sea hammock

Maldives: Gangehi Island

We talk about the Maldives as if it’s one place but more accurately it’s a collection of about 1190 islands and sandbanks. Some of these islands can be walked from one side to the other in about half an hour – assuming you can be bothered putting down your cocktail and getting off your beach lounger.

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cups of nun chai

Kashmir: Cups of nun chai

Alana Hunt is currently working on a project called Cups of nun chai – a memorial that emerged in Kashmir’s summer of 2010 when 118 civilians died in pro-freedom protests.

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Dogstar Foundation - Pippa
Sri Lanka

Thanks for Helping Dogstar

Dogstar Foundation, the amazing charity which rescues street dogs in Sri Lanka but also works on helping local dog health – and preventing unwanted puppies.

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