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Coming Up Roses. Photo by Felicity Loughrey

Exploring the Small Shops of Brisbane

Shop small, shop local and shop with curiosity. Here are some of Holiday Goddess favourite northside, southside and in-between bijoux Brisbane boutiques for hand-selected vintage, gifts and trinkets.

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Exterior of floating sauna, photo by Felicity Loughrey

Lake Derby’s Floating Sauna in Northeast Tasmania

Unlike health club saunas that are usually a pine box, this sauna has one transparent wall. As you sit in the sauna, you can see the sunlight on the dark lake, the eucalypt hills behind and the daytime crescent of the moon against a blue sky. It’s truly beautiful.

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Icebergs Swimming Pool, Bondi Beach

One of the most photographed swimming pools in the world is the Bondi Icebergs pool, which is also home to one of Australia’s most famous Winter Swimming Clubs of the same name. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and, depending on the time of year you’re swimming, sometimes takes your breath away when you dive in too. But you will always leave the pool feeling exhilarated and ready to return.

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