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Enjoying Your Inner Space

Enjoying Your Inner Space​: Meditation

Lavender Oil Does Everything by Baraa Jalahej, Unsplash

Lavender, Sleep and the Science

Needing a better night’s sleep? Well, science has some interesting answers, with multiple studies showing lavender oil – an affordable aromatherapy oil – improves sleep quality, reduces anxiety and helps to lower blood pressure.

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Ten-Minute Beach Meditation

Sometimes you only have around ten minutes to escape from work or other pressures and unwind. If you only have a short amount of time to relax in your chair, or lie down, this special guided session with well-known British hypnotherapist Natalie Delahaye can help you unwind quickly, using your favourite remembered or imaged beach to help you recharge.

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Chakra Humming for Healing

Each chakra rules a different part of our body, mind or spirit. Balancing these – meditating while humming – is said to increase relaxation and happiness. Healing is possible, according to some real-life reviews on YouTube, using the 10 million+ hit Meditative Mind channel. And it’s free.

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