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Enjoying Your Inner Space

Enjoying Your Inner Space​: Healing

Try the NASA Astronaut Nap

After years of research, NASA scientists found a nap of 10 to 20 minutes boosted pilot performance by 34% and alertness by 54%.
Sara Mednick PhD, is one of the world’s best-known sleep experts. This is what she found out, about what some people call catnaps.

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Lavender Oil Does Everything by Baraa Jalahej, Unsplash

Lavender, Sleep and the Science

Needing a better night’s sleep? Well, science has some interesting answers, with multiple studies showing lavender oil – an affordable aromatherapy oil – improves sleep quality, reduces anxiety and helps to lower blood pressure.

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Hampstead Heath ponds by Brett Jordan, Unsplash

What’s It Like to Swim in Hampstead?

The thrill of swimming outdoors in freezing water in Hampstead is world famous. Open-air swimming with the Ladies’ Pond, the Men’s Pond, the Mixed Pond and the Parliament Hill Lido is not for everybody, but devotees love it.

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The Healer With Royal Approval

Healer Matthew Manning has returned to a quiet life after becoming world famous as a young TV healer who attracted the interest of the Royal Family. His work today involves distance healing and his website subscribers are invited to download his video and audio sessions; attend global events online and leave their names for weekly help.

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golden hour photography of woman in red and white checkered dress shirt

Chakra Humming for Healing

Each chakra rules a different part of our body, mind or spirit. Balancing these – meditating while humming – is said to increase relaxation and happiness. Healing is possible, according to some real-life reviews on YouTube, using the 10 million+ hit Meditative Mind channel. And it’s free.

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woman swimming under water

Wild Swimming for Depression

Mark Harper, a doctor at the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, in Britain, believes regular cold-water swimming reduces inflammation, which is associated with ailments from pain to depression. He is a cold-water sea swimmer himself. He believes you may not react as much to stress in daily life, if you swim outdoors regularly.

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