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Fairy lights

Fairies on Zoom in Edinburgh, Scotland

In this series of 5 monthly workshops, Joan and her guests are going to explore the origins of myths and legends of magical beings. For even if you have never seen a fairy, unicorn, elemental, dragon, or mermaid it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

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Woman with adult golden retriever

The James Bond Dog Expert – Mrs. Woodhouse

Mrs. Barbara Woodhouse was the most famous dog trainer in the world in the 1980s. Her ‘choke chains’ have gone out of favour, but her other techniques – notably using her voice – are still influencing trainers today. She was the first television star with co-star dogs. In fact, Mrs. Woodhouse inspired a scene in Octopussy and counted Roger Moore among her famous dog-lover acquaintances. How can Barbara’s tips, tricks and secrets help you with your dog and how does she influence TV dog trainers, like The Dogfather, today?

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women in front of teal step-through bicycle

Cycling for (Adult) Beginners

If you are learning to ride a bicycle as an adult, even if you rode as a child, there are some great new teachers, videos and ideas you can pick up for your holiday at home. Tip – Try giving your new bike a name.

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Marian Keyes Workshops

The four sessions of questions from Marian’s readers, hopeful bestselling authors and fans (titled So You Want To Write A Novel) covers everything from writers’ block to ‘The Fear’ as Marian calls it

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Pandemic Dream Meanings

In a time of pandemic, we are all falling back on our survival skills at times. Our dreams are reflecting that, and pandemic dreaming is not the same as you may remember. Worldwide expert, author and household name in dreaming, Jane Teresa Anderson, has some advice in this concise podcast for you.

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