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Story Time

Story Time Podcasts

Story Time is a collection of stories, written by all kinds of people, and shared with love. Creator, organiser and Holiday Goddess writer Lily Gutierrez shares the new podcasts.

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Pandemic Dream Meanings

In a time of pandemic, we are all falling back on our survival skills at times. Our dreams are reflecting that, and pandemic dreaming is not the same as you may remember. Worldwide expert, author and household name in dreaming, Jane Teresa Anderson, has some advice in this concise podcast for you.

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Ten-Minute Beach Meditation

Sometimes you only have around ten minutes to escape from work or other pressures and unwind. If you only have a short amount of time to relax in your chair, or lie down, this special guided session with well-known British hypnotherapist Natalie Delahaye can help you unwind quickly, using your favourite remembered or imaged beach to help you recharge.

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The Dior Podcast

Miss Dior, the story of Christian Dior’s wartime heroine sister Catherine, is bestselling author Justine Picardie’s fascinating biography of the designer and his sibling. In this podcast she looks at the psychic who gave Dior hope, when Catherine was taken by the Gestapo.

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Podcast – Want To Be An Author?

HarperCollins editor Sara Foster worked on bestselling fiction before moving to Australia from England and pursuing her own career as a novelist. The Holiday Goddess writer explains her approach to writing in a useful podcast for beginners.

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