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Holiday At Home: Astrology

Enjoying Your Inner Space

Enjoying Your Inner Space​: Astrology

Holiday Goddess Gemini Recipe

For Geminis, food is an opportunity to chat, to gossip, to network while breaking bread with others. Canapés, tapas, mezze, and snacks are all Gemini. If Taurus is slow food, Gemini is about fast food. Ruled by Mercury, this quicksilver chatty sign, likes new trends.

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Taurus recipe - peanut and potato curry. Photo by Kerstin Rodgers.

Holiday Goddess Taurus Recipe

Taurus loves to eat, simply for the resultant feeling of comfort, luxury and abundance.When it comes to food, Taurus epitomises the slow food movement. They like to take their time, make things properly from scratch.

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Spicy Shakshouka. Photo by Kerstin Rodgers

Holiday Goddess Aries Recipe

Shakshouka (which means a ‘mixture’), a Middle Eastern dish popular in North African countries and also Israel is simple and quick to make. Serve with bread, either flatbread or crusty baguette.

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Beluga lentins with goats cheese photo by Kerstin Rodgers

Holiday Goddess Capricorn Recipe

Capricorn is an earth sign so they adore vegetables grown underground such as the root vegetable family, potatoes and turnips, and more excitingly, all kinds of garlic and onion.This ambitious climber will also love goat’s cheese so I suggest an earthy black lentil dish topped with goat’s cheese.

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Lady Sleeping

The Full Moon and You

Spending more time at home, indoors has made us all more aware of the Full Moon. Is it true that it affects us more than we realise? And when is the next one?

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woman looking through a telescope during daytime

Astrology Predictions 2023-2026

The cycles of the planet Saturn in astrology teach us lessons we need to learn. Saturn in Pisces is coming soon and astrology predictions 2023 to 2026 are based on the three-decade return of the planet of rules, to the sign which affects all of us – but particularly Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini and Virgo. Astrologer Stephanie Johnson looks at the impact of Saturn and we see what Jessica Adams, The Astro Twins and Patrick Watson are saying about this planet, as it prepares to slowly change zodiac signs.

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Make a Dream, Astrology and Tarot Journal

A hand-made journal using the ancient wisdom of Tarot, astrology and dream interpretation together, is a powerful tool for change. If you want to make progress in your life, fix issues or pursue dreams – create a bespoke notebook set. Choose wrapping paper you love, or create your own covers, and find some ribbon. Peer into the future or go over the past. Use the work of experts like Jane Teresa Anderson to help you. Using the turn of the seasons (Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer) you can shape your future using three ancient sources of wisdom, online.

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A London Astrology Walk

Walk from Cheapside up Fleet Street to the Strand and you will encounter all the signs and symbols of astrology and a few surprises too. Who would have thought Sir Winston Churchill would be hidden within a horoscope clock? Or that the zodiac sign of Sagittarius would appear twice, pointing to a church which references the symbol? This London Astrology Walk is packed with puzzles.

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