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Enjoying Your Inner Space

Enjoying Your Inner Space​: Tarot

Make a Dream, Astrology and Tarot Journal

A hand-made journal using the ancient wisdom of Tarot, astrology and dream interpretation together, is a powerful tool for change. If you want to make progress in your life, fix issues or pursue dreams – create a bespoke notebook set. Choose wrapping paper you love, or create your own covers, and find some ribbon. Peer into the future or go over the past. Use the work of experts like Jane Teresa Anderson to help you. Using the turn of the seasons (Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer) you can shape your future using three ancient sources of wisdom, online.

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Tarot Meditation – The Magician

The Tarot can be used for meditation, to access your subconscious mind for solutions, as well as for divination. The Magician card helps your readings but also your time out for problem solving. Tara Buffington has expert advice.

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