Maldives: Gangehi Island

Gangehi Island - Maldives - Tam on the sea hammockWe talk about the Maldives as if it’s one place but more accurately it’s a collection of about 1190 islands and sandbanks. 

Lake Tekapo: Astro Café

Astro CaféOverlooking Lake Tekapo, on the summit of Ōtehīwai, Mount John at 1,036m above sea level, the Astro Café is the ultimate mountain top refreshment stop.

Manchester: Cocoa Tree

Are you a connoisseur of exquisite and unique chocolate? Wend your way to the Cocoa Tree, a gorgeous independent café and ethical chocolate-makers in Chorlton, Manchester, and order yourself a hot drink like the Aztec.

Wiltshire: Touching Stonehenge

Stonehenge SolsticeFor about 5,000 years, a ring of 13 foot high standing stones weighing about 25 tonnes each called Stonehenge have stood in a circle in a field in Wiltshire, England.

Bath: Roman curse tablets

Been robbed? Who you gonna call? Goddess Sulis Minerva. The rare curse tablets of Bath reveal the vicious retribution requested of Goddess Sulis Minerva for heinous crimes such as stealing bathing suits and cooking pots.

Porto: A teetotaler’s guide to Porto

Nata, (Custard tart)From custard tarts to impossibly beautiful tiled churches and majestic cafes, Tamara Pitelen spends four days exploring Porto in Portugual, which is the world’s capital of port wine – aka ‘God’s nectar’ – and finds there’s a wealth of things to do and see that don’t involve the famous ruby red beverage.