Wellington’s Paranormal Bars

aerial photography of city beside body of water during daytime  Fans of Jemaine Clement’s Wellington Paranormal will know that the cult rockumentary comedy horror series (TNZ2), has put Cuba Street in Wellington on the map, as it appears in the first episode – possibly as the entrance to Hell.

I, Claudius and Rome at Home

Aerial photo of Rome taken from the top of the VaticanIf you are indoors now, and Rome seems so far away, you may want to spend the week in the company of I, Claudius instead.

How To Choose A Medium

person showing left handJessica Adams, author of I’m A Believer  and The Summer Psychic, has advice on choosing a psychic medium for a personal consultation.

Free Hypnosis With Dr. Paul McKenna

Dr. Paul McKenna is the world’s most popular hypnotherapist. The Times called him “One of the world’s most important modern self-help gurus” and he is Britain’s most successful non-fiction author.

Wild Swimming for Depression

woman swimming under waterWild Swimming for Depression Swimming outdoors in cold oceans, rivers, lakes and pools can lessen or cure depression.

The Virtual Raphael Exhibition

If the shut borders in 2020 didn’t allow you to travel to Rome, the good news is that you can still attend the 2020 Raffaello Exhibition online in 2021 & beyond instead.

Kayak in Western Australia

Kayak - taylor-simpson-ROXggehIu7M-unsplashIf you want to try something different on your next holiday or weekend away, but do not want to commit to a kayak (or don’t have the space) – you can hire one.

Hobart: Best Bakery

Daci and Daci PastriesClose to the Saturday Salamanca Market and the catamarans to MONA, the chic European bakery, Daci and Daci, sells perfect picnic ingredients, or paper bags full of pastries to take home.