Brisbane’s Ultimate Coffee Guide

Rebecca Sparrow knows where all the writers go for a coffee in Brisbane – and the lawyers, musicians, doctors, creatives, yummy mummies… Writers Wanna know where all the writers go when they’re not hunched over a laptop tapping out a best seller?

Playing it safe

You want adventure. Your mum wants you to arrive back home in one piece. 

Travelling Safely – Our Best Secrets

1. Wired For Sound MP3 players and iPods are great on planes, trains and those long car trips with your brother’s new girlfriend who won’t shut up about her latest spray-tan debacle.

Audrey Hepburn’s Rome

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck from the trailer for the film Roman Holiday. Image from WikiMedia CommonsAudrey Hepburn, I have decided, is my favourite tour guide. After all, her films are a veritable showcase of some of the world’s most glorious cities.

New York on a Shoestring

Don’t believe what you hear. Sure, New York is expensive but in the city that never sleeps you can still have a fabulous time without breaking the bank.