Kilts. From Sylvia Plath to Harry Styles

Kilt fashion image by Johnny Wang, UnsplashThe Joy of Kilt Kilts are highly collectable (Sylvia Plath) worn by present and future monarchs (Kate Middleton, Harry Styles) and have become yoga wear, in their native Scotland, below.

Royal Picnics

Advert for Beatl picnic basket 1930Everyone is looking for picnic recipes, and everybody has strong ideas on sandwiches (yes or no) and a Thermos flask.

Marian Keyes Workshops

Marian KeyesFree Writing Classes With Marian Keyes “Wonderful, heartfelt advice” and “So calming and soothing” are just some of the comments from the students who tuned into Marian Keyes’ free writing classes on YouTube.

Twitter Tarot Super Followers

Tarot CardsA Twitter subscription feature that offers you personal, exclusive access to American experts including Tarot readers – priced at $2.99, $4.99 or $9.99 per month – launches in September 2021.

London’s Best Outdoor Pubs

London’s Best Outdoor Pubs – Hammersmith  London’s two best outdoor pubs are a few steps away from each other, overlooking the River Thames at Hammersmith.

Astrology Predictions 2023-2026

woman looking through a telescope during daytimeSaturn in Pisces and Astrology 2023-2026 It takes about 29 years for Saturn, the planet of life lessons, to go into the zodiac sign of Pisces.