Tamara Pitelen

Tamara Pitelen

Originally from New Zealand, I’ve worked in print and online media for about 20 years, writing and editing for magazines and newspapers in New Zealand, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Dubai, and now Bath.

My two loves are writing and alternative health/spirituality. I have published four books on Amazon via CreateSpace and have a fifth almost ready to publish called How to Heal Your Weight.

Whilst living in Dubai, I started a magazine publishing company, Awakenings Media, in order to launch the region’s first holistic health and wellness title, Awakenings Middle East. Initially a ‘weekends and evenings’ project, I ran the magazine in conjunction with my day job as an in-house editor at CPI Financial Publishing where I managed various consumer and contract magazines. After four years at CPI, I resigned to work on Awakenings full-time.

A print and online brand, Awakenings comprised a print magazine, an online magazine, various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, as well as a Meetup.com group for organizing offline events.

After moving to the UK in 2016, I started a PR and copywriting business specialising in the wellness sector. Clients include Anita Sanchez, US-based author of the recent bestseller Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times (Enliven/Simon and Schuster) and Vanya Silverten, founder of the Awakening Goddess online courses.

Clients have hired me for a finite period to support them for something specific such as a book launch, or to have me build them a website. Other clients pay a monthly retainer to have me ghost write their monthly blog and e-newsletter, manage their social media, help with content creation such as YouTube videos or online courses.

I’m a qualified yoga teacher and teach classes in and around Bath.

Specialties: Writing and editing; publishing, planning and organising, yoga teaching, energy psychology healing.

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