Astrology Predictions 2023-2026

woman looking through a telescope during daytimeSaturn in Pisces and Astrology 2023-2026 It takes about 29 years for Saturn, the planet of life lessons, to go into the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Make a Dream, Astrology and Tarot Journal

Make a Dream, Astrology and Tarot Journal If you combine dreams, astrology and the Tarot in a home-made journal, you will often find three stories about your life, meeting in the middle.

Pandemic Dream Meanings

Your Pandemic Dreams With Jane Teresa Anderson At a time when we are in survival mode, our dreams reflect that.

Ten-Minute Beach Meditation

woman wearing black headphonesTen-Minute Beach Meditation With Natalie Delahaye Republished with permission. Natalie Delahaye is a well-known astrologer, featured on CNN and the first in her profession to gain Kate Middleton’s birth time.

The Healer With Royal Approval

person's hang reaching out sunlightMatthew Manning and the Royal Family Matthew Manning is the British healer who was invited to dine with Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh and to meet Charles, Prince of Wales.

Chakra Humming for Healing

golden hour photography of woman in red and white checkered dress shirtEach chakra rules a different part of our body, mind or spirit – from the top of your head, to the base of your spine.