Kilts. From Sylvia Plath to Harry Styles

Kilt fashion image by Johnny Wang, UnsplashThe Joy of Kilt Kilts are highly collectable (Sylvia Plath) worn by present and future monarchs (Kate Middleton, Harry Styles) and have become yoga wear, in their native Scotland, below.

The Alexa Chung Podcast

Alexa Chung on Cover of ElleNew York Versus London Style The British fashion designer and repeat ELLE cover star talks about her musical influences on this classic podcast, from The Rolling Stones to Patti Smith.

Walk Like Chanel in Paris

Hôtel Plaza Athénée, ParisWalk Like Chanel in Paris Avenue Montaigne was originally called the allée des Veuves (widows’ alley) because women in mourning gathered there.

The Psychology of Vintage

Outdoors Vintage Lily GutierrezLily Gutierrez on Vintage, Thrift and Jumble When I was thirteen my friend’s Mum gave me her ivory silk 1940’s wedding dress to wear as a Halloween costume.