A New Era in Pet Sitting

Woman and dog by Jamie Street, UnsplashNew Yorkers led the fashion for professional pet sitters a decade ago, and it’s now a way of life (and maybe a way to pay for your next holiday) if you try the new, sophisticated apps and websites which cater for you, dogs and cats.

Icebergs Swimming Pool, Bondi Beach

One of the most photographed swimming pools in the world is the Bondi Icebergs pool, which is also home to one of Australia’s most famous Winter Swimming Clubs of the same name.

Tarot Lessons With Kat Wojdyla

Tarot cards photo by Viva Luna Studios, UnsplashAt 2pm-3pm GMT every Tuesday, this £3 weekly Tarot class is an opportunity to give and receive readings as well as build your confidence as a reader.