The Alexa Chung Podcast

Alexa Chung on Cover of ElleNew York Versus London Style The British fashion designer and repeat ELLE cover star talks about her musical influences on this classic podcast, from The Rolling Stones to Patti Smith.

Story Time Podcasts

Story TimeStory Time is a collection of stories, written by all kinds of people, and shared with love.

Pandemic Dream Meanings

Your Pandemic Dreams With Jane Teresa Anderson At a time when we are in survival mode, our dreams reflect that.

Ten-Minute Beach Meditation

woman wearing black headphonesTen-Minute Beach Meditation With Natalie Delahaye Republished with permission. Natalie Delahaye is a well-known astrologer, featured on CNN and the first in her profession to gain Kate Middleton’s birth time.

The Dior Podcast

Chanel Biographer Justine Picardie on Dior When bestselling author (and Holiday Goddess contributor) Justine Picardie was given access to Chanel’s apartment with Karl Lagerfeld’s blessing, she discovered mysterious new secrets about Gabrielle (Coco) that helped guide the book.

Podcast – Want To Be An Author?

Our regular look at podcasts featuring Holiday Goddess writers  If you want to be an author, then Sara Foster has some useful inside advice for you.