"Professional hypnotherapist Natalie Delahaye, last seen on CNN and in The Daily Express, offers a short beach meditation podcast."

Ten-Minute Beach Meditation With Natalie Delahaye

Republished with permission.

Natalie Delahaye is a well-known astrologer, featured on CNN and the first in her profession to gain Kate Middleton’s birth time. She is also one of the few astrologers to qualify as a professional hypnotherapist.

seashore during golden hour

The Quick Recharge

If you prefer to listen to a British accent when meditating, this short, approximate ten-minute beach meditation will suit you well. If you don’t have time to commit to a full session of relaxation, it’s Natalie’s intention that this works as a recharge. Close your eyes, shut the door, put up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and use headphones for the best sound quality.

Afterwards, put the kettle on – or have a glass of water. Slowly come back to the real world. Any of these beach photographs can inspire you. Where do you want to go, today?


brown rock formation on sea shore during daytime

coconut tree near shore within mountain range


Beach Images: Unsplash: Dias/Oulashin/Pina
Main Image: Unsplash: Blaz Erzetic
Natalie Delahaye photograph: Copyright 2021 Natalie Delahaye

Natalie Delahaye photo courtesy of Natalie Delahaye

Podcast Details

If you only have around ten minutes to relax and unwind, let British hypnotherapist and well-known astrologer Natalie Delahaye, take you away into a special guided relaxation session, using beach imagery to help you.

Listen To Podcast

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