"Healer Matthew Manning has returned to a quiet life after becoming world famous as a young TV healer who attracted the interest of the Royal Family. His work today involves distance healing and his website subscribers are invited to download his video and audio sessions; attend global events online and leave their names for weekly help."

Matthew Manning and the Royal Family

Matthew Manning is the British healer who was invited to dine with Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh and to meet Charles, Prince of Wales. You can join his healing community by subscription at his website.

He was first known as a magnet for poltergeists, then a model of E.S.P. and his book The Link, first published in 1974, will be relaunched in October 2021 with new illustrations and photographs.

The Manning website is packed with incredible stories of his past, particularly in the Seventies when he became a television star. Ahead of the republication of his 1974 book, he has found treasures like a seating plan from 10th July 1979, for an event dinner dubbed Supernatural where Matthew was seated opposite The Duke of Edinburgh.

Daphne Du Maurier and Colin Wilson

Told by Daphne Du Maurier that he had “the X-factor” – as a young man he also attracted the friendship of Colin Wilson.

“I last saw Colin in 1995,” Matthew writes on his website, “when he was in the audience of the first Beyond Belief show that I co-hosted with Sir David Frost for ITV.”

Her Majesty the Queen

Matthew continues elsewhere, “Prince Charles was very familiar with my book The Link, sometimes asking a question about an event described on a particular page. I discovered that the Queen had taken a copy with her on holiday aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia and several other members of the Royal family had also enjoyed reading it.” 

“As he and I later sat chatting alone in the garden, he asked me about automatic writing – and if I could do some for him. He gave me a name with which I was unfamiliar and my hand began quickly began writing in an unknown style – he was absolutely intrigued. I have no recollection at all of its contents but the Prince folded the sheet of paper very neatly and put it in his pocket, taking it away with him.” 

“On my way home I had to pinch myself as the evening seemed almost surreal. I’d just had dinner with Prince Charles and spent an hour sitting alone with him. I remember thinking that one day it would be a wonderful story for my grandchildren!”


Childhood and Poltergeists

Although today, Matthew Manning is most interested in broadcasting audio and video healing sessions for website subscribers and organising online global events (for subscribers) as a schoolboy, he grew up attracting poltergeists. Born in 1955, by the 1960s, he found himself under investigation by the Cambridge mathematician and psychical researcher, A. R. G. Owen. From 1971, long scripts appeared on Manning’s bedroom walls, apparently penned by people from the seventeenth century onward. Sceptics were – predictably – sceptical. James Randi, for one.

His channelled sketches included stunning work by Pablo Picasso and Aubrey Beardsley

In the late 1970s, Matthew joined Uri Geller in bending cutlery. This video (below) explains some of his work.



The GQ Magazine Interview

Selected extracts from the GQ Magazine interview with Matthew Manning.

“Just before you dismiss Matthew Manning as another New Age crank, delusional guru or magician on the make, you might like to ponder the names of some of those who have consulted him. They include, he says, John Cleese, Prince Philip, Van Morrison, Maureen Lipman, Pope Paul VI and Brian Clough.”

“He has the enthusiastic support of internationally renowned specialists, notably Professor Karol Sikora, medical director of Cancer Partners UK, honorary consultant oncologist at London’s Hammersmith Hospital and former head of the World Health Organisation’s Cancer Programme. Manning, said Sikora, has “a remarkable track record” as a healer, working at what the professor calls “the interface of mind and body”.

“In Toronto, in an experiment with Professor Brian Josephson, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist and fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, he demonstrated an apparent ability to move a compass needle at will. “I felt a curious sensation in my eye,” Josephson told a reporter after the experiment. “It was as though I was seeing the compass through a heat haze, such as you get from a rising bonfire.” 

Matthew Manning’s media clippings turn up regularly on Twitter (below) as a reminder of just how famous he was as a young man in the Seventies and Eighties.


Matthew Manning in The Sunday Times

Matthew Manning is best-known today as a distant or absent healer, online. Modest and low key these days, he is hard to find, but is doing fascinating work.

Author and journalist Hazel Courteney, writing in The Sunday Times on 20th July 1997, recorded her impressions of Matthew Manning’s absent healing.

“To all those who sent healing last week – a huge thank you. You may remember that, last Sunday, the healer Matthew Manning sent absent healing to my friend Chris, who has cancer. Following the half-hour session the dreadful pain in Chris’s back, where swollen lymph nodes are pressing on his spine, disappeared. I have also received some wonderful letters from readers who felt various benefits from our “healing sit-in”. On Monday, Chris and I went along to one of Matthew’s healing circles in central London. Matthew explained that he would give everyone healing while we sat in a large circle holding hands – the idea being that energies would pass through our hands around the circle. Chris’s stomach pains disappeared, and I felt a tremendous warmth from Matthew’s hands, which helped ease the pain from my recent dental work.” 

The Matthew Manning Website

For a five-pound monthly subscription, members of the Matthew Manning website can access these recordings by him:

15 Minute Deep Healing Audio
24 Minute Deep Relaxation Audio
19 Minute The Path to Health Video/Audio

Matthew also runs a Healing Hub with handpicked professionals he recommends, like Sally Chaffer, from The Healing Trust, which is Manning’s preferred organisation.  Sally works as a volunteer healer at the Leeds Healing Centre and at The Marigold Wellbeing Centre at St Michael’s Hospice in Harrogate.

Personal Healing by Matthew Manning

Along with the Global Healing Events, for subscribers, which have been running every three months, Matthew has a weekly distant healing session – leave your request and name on his website and he will include you in his work. The global events have attracted a long list of grateful testimonials from as far away as New Zealand.

September 26th 2021 – Manning Healing Event

The next Manning Global Healing Event is scheduled for 26th September 2021 at 6.00pm (UK time). Adjust for your nearest city. Then, perhaps, join the experiment. Manning claims to be no miracle worker but his subscribers obviously believe it is worth the attempt. Still curious? Here is an archived article about Matthew’s childhood and teenage years Matthew Manning and Brother

One Foot in the Stars by Matthew Manning

Visit These Sites For More Information

Class Times

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Photographs from the Matthew Manning website and Amazon.com
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